Franziska Wenzel

Artist for hire


-Deutsche Tolkien-Gesellschaft (DTG)

-publishing company „Saphir im Stahl

-Winner of the “Challenge of the Month” on Newgrounds (March 2016) and part of showcase (February 2016)

-Bookcover illustrations for Lara Kalenborn and Ebru Adin

-OMG Interactive

-Kulturbüro Boskop (Akademisches Förderungswerk Bochum)

-Drakenvlieg, a Dutch educational project


Artist with a Master’s Degree in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, with a focus on medieval English literature. Still translates Latin more fluently than she dared hope. Loves ravens and other critters, Scandinavia, flutes, and violins. Slowly but surely learning how to sing and actually hit the notes. At least some of them.


Call me insane and I’m proud to be.